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Our Wine at
AIDA Bistro & Wine Bar

Not only do we pride ourselves on our fresh and inventive menu items, but we also offer the most unique wine bar in Columbia, MD. Our wines come from a variety of regions, and are available on tap or from a traditional bottle.

We offer a large and diverse list of Wines On Tap which are available in four different sizes: a taste, a glass, a half carafe and a full carafe. Our high quality wines are available at prices that are substantially less than those offered by other restaurants’ wine by the glass programs!

We also offer a unique and highly sought after Bottle List from all over the world. Many of the wines we offer in bottle are allocated and cult wines. All of our wines are kept in a temperature controlled Wine Room, so that your wine is served at the optimal temperature.

The owner of AIDA Bistro & Wine Bar leverages his many years of personal experience and relationships with winemakers all over the world to offer an award winning wine experience.

Check out this YouTube Video for more information.